A French Breakfast

A French Breakfast

Un Petit Déjeuner Français

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Breaking the fast in France is typically fuss-free and minimal.  Great starts begin with fresh fruits in season and tartine, which is another name for your favorite crusty bread topped with butter and “confiture” (jam). Morning coffee is “café au lait” (coffee with milk) served in a small bowl which comes in handy when dipping your tartine.


Warm up your January in the kitchen with homemade French thyme baguette! Slice into desired portion sizes fresh from the oven, then top with softened butter and your favorite confiture. Another perfect and healthy accompaniment to a French breakfast is a simple fruit salad in season with just a sprinkling of shaved organic chocolat!


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  1. Sounds deliciously perfect.

    1. Joanne Gaget says:

      It’s pretty darn close to perfect…especially with the shave chocolate on the fruit salad!! YUM!!

      1. Agree!!!

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