Potato Purée & Salmon

Potato Purée & Salmon

Parmentier Marguerite

Serves 4


Bruno created this special recipe in honor of a true renaissance woman…my beloved grandmother, Margaret Davey Richardson. Widowed at a young age with six children, Margaret was an accomplished woman ahead of her time; possessing extraordinary intellect, understated elegance and a flawless style. Committed to excellence in all that she did, Margaret was revered as a mother, grandmother, successful businesswoman, fine arts painter, fascinating story teller and a refined culinary creator of healthy homestyle French cuisine.  Although Bruno’s Parmentier Marguerite is not exact to “Nanny’s Fish Dish”…it’s just as wonderfully delicious in taste and memories!  ∼ Joanne ∼

Margaret Davey Richardson


3-4 fresh salmon filets without the skin

6-7 medium sized potatoes for purée •• mashed

5 fresh carrots sliced into bite sized pieces

2 pats of butter

fresh lemon zest from 1/2 lemon

light drizzle of dry white wine

2 green onions finely chopped

1/2 cup Gruyère cheese grated

2-3 sprigs parsley finely chopped

2-3 sprigs cilantro finely chopped

sea salt & pepper to taste

frisée salad greens

Escarole_Salad_Greens_French_Farmers_Market_Avignon_Le_Menu_Maison_Food_Blog_Bruno Gaget


•• Prepare the salmon filets by rinsing and drying thoroughly with paper towels, absorbing any excess moisture. •• Cook the potatoes by boiling with the skins in tact. •• Boil the carrots until tender then set aside to cool. •• In a buttered casserole dish, layer the entire bottom with the salmon filets. •• Sprinkle with lemon zest, green onion, parsley, cilantro, sea salt and pepper. •• Very lightly drizzle with a dry white wine that is of the same quality that you would also drink. •• Create another layer by adding the carrots and grated Gruyère cheese, noting that each layer should be balanced and not dominate the other. •• Place the casserole dish into a preheated oven of 350° and partially bake for approximately 10 minutes, then remove. •• Once your potatoes are fully cooked, remove the skins and puree or mash with a manual hand-held masher. •• Layer the potato puree on top, return to the oven and cook for approximately 45 minutes until golden brown, noting that most of the moisture has evaporated. •• Keep the dish in the oven but turned off to allow for further evaporation for another 20 minutes. •• Slice into portions and serve over a bed of frisée salad greens. ••

•• Délicieux ••

Springtime Marguerites in the Fontainebleau Forest


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