Bruno and Joanne Gaget

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As cooking is an expression of love and nurture,  Le Menu Maison (The House Menu) was serendipitously created in France by newly married French beauty, fashion and celebrity photographer, Bruno Gaget for his American born wife, Joanne.  Through the loving and romantic gesture of home cooking for a party of two, Bruno introduced to Joanne, the refinement of French culture and cuisine, while working around her often discriminating and dietary restricted palate.

The traditional French recipes shared on Le Menu Maison are intended for semi vegetarians, more specifically, pesco-pollo vegetarians. For those who are unfamiliar but perhaps curious about cooking authentically French at home with dietary limitations, Le Menu Maison combines a pescatarian or “pesco” diet, that allows for the consumption of fish and seafood, along with the pollotarian or “pollo” diet that includes the consumption of poultry.  But of course, life and eating well is meant to be enjoyed and it wouldn’t be authentically French without dairy, eggs, and crème fraîche. The whirlwind journey of Bruno and Joanne continues between their respective native continents…so climb aboard and share in an exciting culinary travel adventure!

P.S. And yes, B&J LOVE to ice skate in Central Park!



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