Autumn in Paris is the perfect time for a bike ride adventure. With its narrow streets and tiny pedestrian sidewalks, traveling by bicycle is a great way to see the 3rd and 4th arrondissements of Paris. Once the preferred district of French nobles, Le Marais was nearly ruined by the French Revolution of 1789. Following numerous transformations, Le Marais has emerged from a working class and immigrant neighborhood to one of the most desirable and affluent areas of the city today.

Amidst it’s thriving Jewish, Chinese and Gay communities, this vibrant neighborhood hosts an abundance of art galleries, trendy restaurants, nightclubs and fashion boutiques. For the art and history lovers, the treasures of the Maison de Victor Hugo and the recently renovated Musée Picasso should top of the list of “must see and experience”!  And if biking isn’t your thing, you can always cosy up at an outdoor café with a glass of wine or apéritif and watch the world go by.



A French Breakfast New York City Style


Breaking the fast in France is typically fuss-free and minimal.  Great starts begin with fresh fruits in season and tartine, which is another name for your favorite crusty bread topped with butter and confiture (jam). Morning coffee is “cafe au lait” (coffee with milk) served in a small bowl which comes in handy when dipping your tartine.

Bonne Journée.



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